May 14, 2015  |  

Sunshine College

Prior to 2010, the Bracks and Brumby state governments funded Sunshine College to prepare a master plan to consolidate the school sites from five to three and provide a standard of physical buildings to meet the educational standards already being met by the school in what is a very disadvantaged area. In 2010 Labor promised $10 million to start stage 1 of that process. The Liberals won the election that year but did not honour the commitment to this disadvantaged community and put politics ahead of the needs of young Victorians. As a result, for four years the school has languished, waiting for a government to set up and fund the master plan.

This Government in its first budget has committed $10 million to fund the master plan as the school envisaged it and as was promised in 2010. The school will have its master plan. It will have the school buildings it wants, built in the stages it wants. As members of the Andrews government we are committed to making education the number 1 priority, making Victoria the education state and ensuring that our children, no matter where they live or what their family’s income is, have access to a good-quality education. They are getting good education outcomes at this school, and now they will have good facilities.