September 9, 2013  |  Member Statement

East- West Link

The constituents in my electorate are concerned with traffic congestion and the fact that it will only get worse in years to come. Nearly 700 constituents have responded to an online petition seeking that the situation be fixed and fixed now. The government’s east-east tunnel will do nothing to fix the congestion in the west for my constituents. The Minister for Roads, who is also the Minister for Public Transport, suggested in this house yesterday that the member for Williamstown and I were supporters of the government’s proposal. Let me make it very clear: we do not support the east-east tunnel. What we did support, and still support, was the transport plan announced by the previous government, which had a west link for the second river crossing to take away the congestion in the west, and a metropolitan rail tunnel that would ensure that we fixed the public transport gridlock in the west as well.

This government has done nothing to alleviate the traffic congestion in the west. The east-east tunnel will do nothing to fix that congestion, and my constituents and the constituents of Williamstown want this fixed now. The plan needs to be addressed and these people need traffic congestion alleviated.