May 1, 2012  |  Members Statement

Budget: western suburbs

At this point in time we need steady hands governing this state. With high levels of unemployment and more job losses to come, that is certainly not what we saw in today’s budget, nor is it what has been demonstrated by the leader, the Premier. There is nothing in this budget for the west in relation to roads and rail and necessary infrastructure. There are some nice words about supporting WestLink, but there is no money — zero dollars. On the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel we hear nice words, but there is no money — zero. There is nothing in it for the people in the inner west.

As for the truck action plan, the government did not talk about the plan, but it did talk about increasing freight carriage to the port with the Webb Dock expansion. 

It talked about increasing the number of trucks that would travel on these roads, but there was zero by way of assistance to the people in the inner west to ensure that they would be able to move around their streets with the same sort of comfort that the people in the east have the luxury of being able to do. This is a zero budget for the people in Footscray. There are no steady hands at the helm of this government. It is nothing but a disaster for the people of the west. There is only one thing that they can take comfort in: the underfunding of the critical care unit at Sunshine Hospital.