Whooping Cough Policy Announcement

The Baillieu Government’s decision to cut free Whooping Cough vaccinations for the parents is about topping up the State coffers by putting newborns at risk.

Babies don’t develop immunity from Whooping Cough until 6 months and can contract this potentially deadly condition from their Mum and Dad.

Victorian Labor in Government provided free vaccinations for all parents of newborns because it made sense and it was the least we could do to protect our smallest and most vulnerable Victorians.

That’s why Labor in Government will reintroduce free Whooping Cough Vaccinations for all parents of newborn babies at a cost $1.6 million each year. This is a policy that makes sense and will save lives.

It’s also a policy that is backed by the science and by Mr Baillieu’s Liberal party colleagues in Western Australia who have recently announced a similar initiative.

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