April 9, 2014

Victoria University TAFE in Financial Crisis Under Napthine

Denis Napthine’s TAFE cuts have pushed Victoria University TAFE to the brink of financial collapse, Ms Marsha Thomson, Member for Footscray said.

Victoria University TAFE’s Annual Report revealed that government funding has halved from $18.8 million to $9 million.

The Annual Report also showed that in 2012 there were 413 full time TAFE teaching jobs, while now there are only 319, showing that almost a 100 full time jobs have been lost from Victoria University TAFE.

The participation rate for the 25-64 year old cohort has also decreased significantly since the cuts, with 4,000 less students.

In the 2013 year alone, there was a $119 million cut to TAFE operational funding by the Napthine Government, according to the Auditor General.

Since $1.2 billion in TAFE cuts were announced in 2012, thousands of jobs are gone, course fees have increased, courses were scrapped and campuses were forced to close.

“When jobs are disappearing and businesses are shutting down, the last thing we need is more TAFE campuses to close,” Ms Thomson said.

“Denis Napthine has no idea of the damage he’s done to TAFE campuses and communities across Victoria, especially in Footscray.”