May 21, 2015

Asbestos Concerns – Sunshine North

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA), the Department of Health &
Human Services (DHHS) and Brimbank City Council are continuing to investigate
and address concerns relating to asbestos in Sunshine North and the previous
Wunderlich factory in McIntyre Rd, Sunshine North (bordering Sunshine and
Albion Roads). The factory closed more than 30 years ago.

The investigation has focused on three important issues:

1) historical exposure to asbestos from the old
Wunderlich factory. This includes the tragic
exposure of children who played on the factory
site before the asbestos was buried and capped
(remediation of the site was completed in 1985);

2) small amounts of asbestos found in roof cavity
dust. This was found in some homes close to the
old Wunderlich factory site; and

3) asbestos in the environment in Sunshine North.
This includes resurfacing of previously buried
asbestos at the site and illegally dumped asbestos
building materials in the area.

An extensive testing program assessing the risks posed
from the asbestos found in roof cavities is almost
complete. EPA has tested 50 properties and is waiting
on final results from samples sent to the USA for
highly sensitive analysis. The testing results have been
provided to each home tested and each has been
assessed as safe to occupy.

The Expert Advisory Group, convened by the Acting
Chief Health Officer, considers that appropriate
methods have been used in the environmental testing
program and has confidence that the results obtained
are accurate and valid.

“On behalf of EPA, Brimbank Council and the
Department of Health and Human Services, I sincerely
thank those who let us into their homes, to undertake
this important testing and put up with the noise,
interruption and inconvenience involved.”
Professor Michael Ackland,
Acting Chief Health Officer

EPA has also assessed the former Wunderlich site and
has arranged for the removal or containment of any
asbestos material that may have resurfaced. Brimbank
Council can arrange rapid removal of illegally dumped
material. Please call 03-9249 4000 if this is required.
Further information and earlier newsletters are
available on the Brimbank City Council website:

If you have any concerns about the Wunderlich
asbestos issue, please call 1300 761 874.