July 18, 2012

45,912 People Now Waiting For Surgery Under Baillieu

An alarming blow out in elective surgery waiting lists has undermined the Baillieu Government’s claim to have delivered 100 new hospital beds, Member for Footscray, Marsha Thomson said today.

Ms Thomson said the latest quarterly Victorian Health Services Performance data reveals an extra 1344 people have joined the elective surgery hospital waiting lists at Western Hospital from December to March this year and another 1423 at Sunshine Hospital.

“This just proves Victoria’s health system is getting worse, not better, under the Baillieu Government,” Ms Thomson said.

“This data shows the waiting list for elective surgery is getting longer not shorter.Victoria’s health system is going backwards under Baillieu.

“Western Hospital and Sunshine are not the only hospital struggling, with 7,746 more people waiting for elective surgery across the state than just three months ago.

“Clearly, the Baillieu Government is failing to properly fundVictoria’s hospital system to match growth in demand for health services.”

Ms Thomson said the Baillieu Government promised to fund an additional 800 hospital beds in his first term of government ­­– and to deliver the first 100 beds by the end of this financial year.

“Health Minister David Davis claims he has delivered the 100 beds but won’t tell us where they are,” she said.

“If Mr Davis could find out what beds were closed during the nurses’ dispute, he can tell us where his new beds are now.

“If he doesn’t, Victorians have every right to question whether these new beds exist.”